Why I Switched Web Hosting Companies

October 25, 2017

greengeeks-hostingAs many of many of my readers will know, I run a lot of different websites. This means that I host with a good few hosting companies. Currently I host some sites with 1&1, GoDaddy, Hostgator and Namecheap, to name a few.

This site is with GoDaddy on a shared hosting platform. This works fine for me as GoDaddy are pretty reliable and as this is just my personal blog I am not too worried about downtime or sporadic back-ups. I don’t post frequently enough on this site to be really concerned that the site will go down and I will loose all my diatribe!

This however, is not the case on some of my other sites, which are legitimate businesses. One of which makes up my core income.

A couple of weeks ago this business site of mine went down. I thought it was just an internal server issue so wasn’t very concerned. I contacted the host, Bluehost, to see what the problem was. Initially the customer support person I spoke to was pretty helpful, but at the same time she didn’t seem to know what the problem was.

She created a support ticket and my case was escalated up the chain. To cut a long story short, the server on which my site had been hosted, had become corrupted and Bluehost had inadvertently deleted all sites!!!

I couldn’t believe it!

Worse still there was no backup. My site was literally deleted!

After initially freaking out I started Googling how to recover deleted files. I stupidly hadn’t kept backups as I wrongfully believed Bluehost were.

The only way I could recover the site was through Google’s cached version of the pages. To find these you type site:yoursite.com into Google, this will bring up an Index of all the pages and then you can click for the last cached version in the search result.

I had to hire a VA as I had over 200 pages indexed in Google and to mainly move all the content was an absolute ball-ache.

After threatening legal action with Bluehost I realised I wasn’t going to get very far and my only recourse to action was moving hosts.

One week later and lots of research down I have moved to a host called GreenGeeks. Why? You ask.

The main reason is because my business site is about sustainability, and GreenGeeks are a green web hosting company. They purchase wind energy to offset the power required to keep their servers running, thereby stimulating the demand for renewable energy. As far as green hosts go, GreenGeeks are undoubtedly the best option as they don’t merely purchase the exact wind energy offset, but instead purchase three times the energy from renewables.

Over above this, the customer reviews of GreenGeeks are really good. They clearly have a superior service. As part of the deal setting up with them they assigned a dedicated account manager to me who helped with migrating my site across and getting me all setup.

So far so good.

I will be updating this blog on how I get on with GreenGeeks in the coming months.

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