Golf for Beginners – A Course I Have Just Completed

June 13, 2017

golf-beginners If you have been following my post over the past few months you will know that I recently started playing golf. The game has really grabbed me and I have been spending most evenings practicing on the driving range and playing on the course during the weekend.

I have officially got a handicap… drum roll please. I’m officially a 24 handicap, which I’m pretty pleased with. Basically with a 24 golf handicaP I get at least a shot on every hole and on some holes (strokes from 1-6) I get 2 shots. Hole rated with a stroke of 1-6 are the most difficult on the golf course so getting two shots is awesome!

Last month I enrolled in a golf for beginners course and had an absolute blast learning how to improve my game, both from a skill level and at the mental level.

It’s incredible how much of golf requires a strong head. Unlike many sports that are purely physical, golf is really influenced by the mental game. For example, a 200 yard drive counts the same as a short 3 foot putt, but the latter is arguably a lot more difficult to do because the mind plays all sorts of games with oneself when there is pressure.

The other day I had my first real chance for a birdie, this is a score of one under par for a hole. The hole was a par four. I had hit a pretty good drive up the left side of the fairway. I had a 6 iron left to the green and just struck it perfectly. The ball tracked the flag from the moment it was airborne. It landed on the green, about 6 yards short of the flag and roll up to the cup stopping just 3 feet short. I seriously thought that it was going in.

Anyway, by the time I got up to the green I was bricking it! I could really feel the pressure, even though it was just a practice round, this would be my first birdie. A big thing for a golf beginner.

I took my time to read the putt from all angles and all it needed was a good firm roll just right off centre. But as I got over the ball my mind was racing and I just knew I was going to miss it.

Taking the putter back felt like an eternity and as I hit it I knew I had messed it up. The ball shot past the cup and then to top it all off I missed the return putt for a par. I was absolutely gutted!

I tell this story as it gave me a great appreciation of how important the mental game is to golf. I have bought Dave Pelz’s awesome book on putting to help me 1. get better at putting and 2. get a stronger head so that my mind doesn’t play games on me.

Anyway, as I was saying the course I have completed for golf beginners was super useful. It consists of a number of useful videos on how to get started in golf – i.e. the dress code, rules and etiquette. It then covers instruction on how to hold the club and hit the ball effectively. These videos are pretty detailed and really instructive – you will learn how to shape the ball with a draw or fade, as well as how to hit your driver far. Finally the course completes with information on beginner golf equipment and clubs, this page I found really useful:

I will be publishing how I get on here later this year. Hopefully my handicap continues to drop!

Happy golfing!


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