Finding the best golf ball for a beginner

June 29, 2016

golf-balls-beginnersThere are so many things that make up a golf ball. Compression. Layers. Dimples. And obviously price. Where do you start in finding the best golf ball?? Especially for a beginner!

I love the game of golf and have been playing for years. I must’ve started when I was 10 years old and have always tried playing at least once a month. There were times when I played once a week and got my handicap down to a 7. My lowest handicap ever. Now I’m 42 and I chop all day long. I’m playing off a 19 handicap now and I still actually like the beginners golf ball – something that can help me as much as possible. One golf website I visited spells out all the pros and cons for you in plain text and offers a handful of best golf balls for you if you are just starting the game. Or are just not a great golfer, but try get as much enjoyment out of it as possible!

This is a really interesting video, which shows what is inside a golf ball.

My whole family plays golf and my best mates. My brothers are good players with them all being single figures and can whack the golf ball properly! I can’t actually compete. In both score or distance off the tee! BUT when it comes to my mates I clean up. They are dreadful. My best mate Mark barely gets the golf ball out the shadow and also uses a putter that Noah handed down to him. Basically if you blow at it the putter face will crack. Poor guy. He also likes to address the ball with his hands practically lying on the ground so heaven knows how he actually makes contact! However we do actually have a lot of fun when getting together and playing golf.

Another of my mates is a good player although he struggles to actually find the bottom of the cup! It’s almost a case of the closer he gets to the hole the more he panics and stresses! That is because of the thing called “expectation”. If you’re 2 feet away from the hole you are almost expected to make it, not possible to miss. That’s where your mind plays tricks and you bugger it up properly. The further away you are the better. Less expectation!

Anyway I’ll send them both to to start by finding the best golf balls for beginners so they can start to get their games right and actually improve!


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