Trekking to the top of Kilimanjaro: Are you insured?

August 1, 2014

insurance-kilimanjaroOkay, so you are planning to trek Kilimanjaro. That’s awesome and an undeniably incredible and admirable pursuit. I mean, it is the highest mountain on the African continent and one of the Seven Summits.

But have you thought about your travel insurance needs for trekking Kilimanjaro. Probably not.

Don’t worry, lots of people forget that they should be insured, especially when travelling in a developing country like Tanzania and putting yourself at high altitude.

The latter should be your first concern.

In this brief article I have summarized key information you should know about getting the right insurance for Kilimanjaro. You can drive down into more detail on Kilimanjaro travel insurance here.

Kilimanjaro travel insurance – key info

1. Your insurance policy needs to cover your for hiking up to 6,000 meters. Yes, Kilimanjaro’s summit is at 5,895 meters, so your policy needs to cover you above that level. Most standard travel insurance does not include this unusual requirement. You should ask your insurance provider to confirm that your policy covers you up to that level.

2. Your insurance policy needs to cover you for theft, loss or damage to your valuables. As you will flying there is always a possibility that your baggage can get lost of damage. Moreover, travelling in a developing country like Tanzania comes with theft risks as well. Make sure you check with your insurance provider what your cover is like for lost, stolen or damage baggage. There will likely be some excess and a limit on the cover unless you have very expensive valuables, in which case your premium will increase

3. Your policy should also cover you for emergency medical or evacuation costs. If you get injured on the mountain you will need to be evacuated and this can be costly. Moreover proper treatment in Tanzania can come at a considerable cost. Make sure your policy includes emergency medical and evacuation cover

4. Finally cover for trip cancellation, delay, interruption and any tour operator financial default is important as these risks carry a moderate probability of occurring. Most standard travel insurance packages include cover for these elements, but always worth checking

That’s it for the key information on insurance for Kilimanjaro. the most important one to remember is that the policy needs to cover you up to 6,000 meters trekking (this usually doesn’t include mountaineering – so if you are planning to climb with ropes you will needs additional insurance cover).

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