Go Green Ideas With Immediate Savings and Easy to implement

January 14, 2014

go-green-ideas-4Ever thought of going green at work.

Perhaps you have heard or seen how going green can save money in terms of electricity and wasted resources like paper, stationary and waste. Or maybe you have been ask for your environmental credentials and have come up short as you failed to demonstrate what you are doing as an organisation.

In this article I discuss some simple go green ideas that won’t cost you a lot of money or time to implement but will save you money and look good in the eyes of customers, staff and prospects.

Let’s get started with these first 5 go green ideas.

1. Recycling is a key go green idea as it is very easy to implement and super visible. Staff can get involved in the company recycling scheme. The trick is to start small with perhaps just paper recycling and then expand into other recycling channels like cardboard, plastic and glass. Remember to buy good recycling bins and label them correctly so that staff know what goes where

2. Run a campaign to encourage staff to switch off lights in unused meeting rooms and computers / monitors when they go home. Track performance and publicly reward those who turn off lights and computers

3. Switch your hosting provider from a traditional service to a green energy web hosting service. Here you can quickly reduce emissions in your supply chain carbon footprint and get the marketing benefits of saying that your website is carbon neutral hosting

4. Invest in eco-labelled and sustainable products. For example only buy fair trade coffee and teas, as well as fruit and purchase only stationary that is sustainable. Recycled paper and recycled stationary are two a penny on the internet so make sure you make sustainable procurement decisions

5. Invest in energy efficient lighting like compact fluorescent lights and LEDs to replace energy inefficient halogens and incandescent bulbs. Where appropriate install passive infrared sensors

For more go green ideas we suggest this article.