Environmental Policy Template Examples

January 13, 2014

environmental-policy-template-2Here’s the thing, environmental management is a straightforward exercise if you know what you are doing and you stick to the basics.

If you are on a journey of improving your environmental performance at work you should know that the journey starts with an environmental policy.


Simple, an environmental policy sets the strategic direction for your organisation to make inroads in terms of measuring managing and monitoring its environmental performance. It is the blueprint for improved environmental performance and without one you will be lost.

Moreover, an environmental policy template has become a ticket to play in many industries. Without one you cannot compete. Customers want to see what you are doing to improve your environmental performance and they want demonstrable results. You need an environmental policy to show customers succinctly what you are up to in terms of sustainability.

In short a robust environmental policy can help you save money on operating costs and win and retain business through market differentiation. It can also very useful in demonstrating to staff and other stakeholders your commitment to improved environmental performance.

So where do you start?

Well the trick is to start with a very good, and internationally compliant environmental policy template. Their are many good examples out there and this guide is probably the best.

The basices are:

An environmental policy is a living document and should be reviewed annually to make refinements and updates.